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fifty shades of hey

I’ve never been shy about hating Fifty Shades. I think it’s chock full of domestic abuse and slut shaming. I’ve read the trilogy and have frustrated fans of the book by pointing to such romantic moments like when Ana tells Christian she’s pregnant and he asks Ana if she’s stupid.

That said; I will defend Fifty’s fans. When the author and film director called them entitled fans for not liking the first guy they cast as Christian, I was angry on the readers’ behalf. The fans made the books break out. They deserved better treatment. Yes, I wish they’d acknowledge the series’ abusive subtext but I’m not going to belittle their taste.

Now that the trailer is out, I expected to see lots of hilarious rifs on Fifty. What I didn’t expect was to see lots of comments about the horror of middle aged women being turned on.

Oh, the terror; women who know their minds. Women who like things you don’t like. Women who publicly like sexy times instead of quietly liking it from the safety of their computer.

Hmm… misogynist much?

I hate the books. I’ll always hate the books. When people belittle the readers, though, I have to draw the line.

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knight and shadow update

Sadly, the K&S hiatus has lasted longer than I first thought it would. The comic and I ended up dealing with three terrible enemies:

* the budget: I’ve developed a fondness for keeping up with my bills. At first, I thought, no problem. I’ll just save up for the laptop. On the bright side, I’m nearly there. On the bleh side, it’s taken longer than expected.

* stupid muscle strain being stupid: since I had some time on my hands, I decided to go out and do cool things. This led to less than cool things; I strained a muscle in my back. BADLY. The pain was so bad I canceled out of going to an awesome workshop just so I could stay home and spend the time in a Vicodin induced nap. Thankfully, it’s finally healing so I can sit and walk around a little.

* stix and friends: I love plotting. I’ve having a blast doing a plotty comic. And yet… I miss Stix. I still intend to finish the current arc of K&S but afterward I toy with rebooting Stix and doing a plotty arc with him. Maybe it’ll be great. Maybe it won’t work. I want to try, though.

Even with the muscle strain, things are going well. I briefly tried my hand at the new Manga Studio 5 before fleeing back to the loving arms of Manga Studio 4. I’ve started watching Supernatural and can finally tell Sam and Dean apart. I’ve watched select episodes of season two of Hannibal and can almost pretend the finale didn’t happen. All in all, things are good.

And once I get the new laptop, they’ll be even better :)

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laptop inspired hiatus

My laptop’s time has come.

It’s gone from quirky (what? you’re going to freeze if I don’t restart every day?) to weird (why does the mouse icon move when I’m not touching it? I’ve checked the keyboard and none of the keys are stuck!), to &^%$#@ing annoying (STOP DRAWING LINES THROUGH MY ART!!!).

I’m going to get a new laptop in a couple weeks, but I fear that I won’t be able to post any more comics until then.

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